Showtime U.S.A. is a singing and dancing performing group that gives children the self confidence to succeed while developing six major areas in the performing arts: Singing, Dance Theatre, Performances, Showmanship, Music Theory, and Self Confidence. Showtime U.S.A. is open to children with no pressures of an audition for our regular performing program:

  • Singing Stars – Ages 3-4
  • Kajun Kids – Grades K – 2nd
  • Main Street Express  – Grades 3rd – 5th
  • Jr. Ambassadors  – Grades 6th – 8th
  • EXTREME LEVEL also known as “XL”- Grades 9th – 12th

Showtime U.S.A. can been seen performing monthly at County Fairs, Malls, Community Functions, Charity Benefits, in front of T.V. Cameras, and Major Theme Parks.  Audiences are readily impressed and become involved in the performance as they are caught up in the enthusiasm generated by the performers. Showtime U.S.A. provides opportunities to build friendships that will go beyond their performing years.