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What is Showtime USA?

(It's a dance studio!)

Showtime USA is an All-American performing group that gives children the self-confidence to succeed while developing their talents in the performing arts.

Showtime USA performs at county fairs, community functions, charity benefits, sporting events including NBA games, in front of television cameras, malls and theme parks.

It's the experience that counts!

Why Pick Showtime as my child's Dance Studio?

Showtime USA is open to children with no pressures of an audition for our regular performing program. We feel all children have talent to be developed; therefore, we place our performers in classes according to their age. This gives every child who enrolls the opportunity to perform, learn and grow.

Showtime USA provides opportunities to build friendships that will go beyond their performing years. Special bonds develop when children work and help each other develop their talents. They enhance their social skills and build self-confidence.

What does Showtime do for my child or teen?

Showtime USA is committed to a philosophy of nurturing a child’s feelings of belonging through a multifaceted program. Cast members are taught correct performing techniques, learn to sing, dance, and work as a team. These skills will serve them throughout their lives.